Pursuant to Law Decree No. 185 of May 22nd 1999, “Enforcement of directive 97/7/ce on consumer protection with reference to distance contracts”, the customer (if s/he qualifies as a “consumer” pursuant to article 1, letter b of Law Decree No. 185 of May 22nd 1999) has the right to withdraw from the contract and to return the ordered items, without penalties and without having to provide a reason, within 10 (ten) working days from the reception of said items.

The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal, on pain of forfeiture, by sending a registered letter with return receipt to G&Q S.r.l.s. – via Garda 68 – 63018 Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM), within 10 (ten) working days from the reception of the items. The abovementioned communication may also be sent, within the same time-frame, by email or fax, provided it is confirmed by means of a registered letter with return receipt within 48 (forty-eight) hours from the moment it is sent.
The shipping costs related to the return of the item shall be charged to the customer, in compliance with the provisions of the law.
G&Q S.r.l.s. shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for damages to or the theft/loss of the items returned through uninsured shipping.
Once the presence of all the requirements for the right of withdrawal is ascertained, G&Q S.r.l.s. shall reimburse the customer’s expenditure through wire transfer within 30 days from the reception of the returned item.
It shall be the customer’s responsibility to provide the banking details to be used for the wire transfer (IBAN number and beneficiary’s information).
For the withdrawal to be accepted, the product packages must be returned intact and the items must not have been tampered with or worn. If that is not the case, the conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal shall not be met and the customer shall be returned the tampered items.
If the delivered items do not match the order, the customer must notify it by sending an email to within 7 (seven) days from the day of reception of the items.
In the email, the customer must specify whether s/he wants the items to be replaced or the purchase to be refunded.
The items can only be replaced with a size variation of the same model and colour.
G&Q S.r.l.s. shall contact the courier and the latter, taking into account the customer’s availability, shall withdraw the items, bearing the related expenses.
G&Q S.r.l.s. reserves the faculty to verify the non-conformity claimed by the customer and, if confirmed, shall ship the replacement items, if available for prompt delivery, or refund the customer.


There are no shipping costs for Italy and the EU, unless expressly specified otherwise. The delivery shall be made at the address specified by the purchaser upon payment, be it the customer’s residence, domicile, workplace or private address. The purchased items shall be delivered through a courier service or, if made necessary by the destination, through the Express Mail Service (EMS) by Poste Italiane.

As regards non-EU or DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) countries, which are not subject to the payment of VAT on the purchase price, local, import and customs clearance taxes shall be charged to the customer.
For any shipping-related issue we can be contacted using the email address that can be found in the Contacts section of the website.

The orders shall be processed and shipped only on weekdays, excluding national, bank and religious holidays.
Once the payment has been approved, the item shall be packaged and shipped within 72 hours; the customer shall receive an email containing the tracking number, allowing him/her to monitor the status of the package.
G&Q S.r.l.s. shall not be liable for unforeseeable delays or courier-related issues.

Upon delivery of the package by the courier, the customer must verify that the package is intact, undamaged and untampered with.

Any damage to the package and/or the item must be immediately disputed, writing on the courier’s delivery note that the package is accepted subject to checking. Indeed, once the delivery note has been signed, the customer shall no longer be able to contest the exterior features of the delivered item.

If the delivery cannot be made because the receiver is absent or because the address information is incomplete and/or wrong, the stoppage fees shall be charged to the customer.
If the courier finds no one at the specified address when delivering the package, he shall leave a notification with a phone number, that the customer can call in order to schedule a redelivery or a pick-up at the courier’s premises.
Unless the parties agree otherwise, G&Q S.r.l.s. undertakes to have the ordered items delivered within thirty days, starting from the day after the order was submitted to the supplier by the customer.

After such period of time and in case the order is not fulfilled due to the temporary or permanent unavailability of the requested product or service, G&Q S.r.l.s. shall reimburse the amounts already paid for the supply.
Unless accepted by the customer before or upon signing the contract, G&Q S.r.l.s. shall not offer a different supply from the one agreed upon, even if characterized by equivalent or higher value and quality.

The invoices must be expressly requested by sending an email to G&Q S.r.l.s., since the only document attached to the delivered package is the delivery note, which has no fiscal value. The invoicing request must be made within 48 hours from the electronic purchase; no invoice modification shall be possible after the invoice has been issued.